How the Trails of Life Expose the Universe

by Pany Décossard, MD, MPH, FACP

Have you ever wondered about what led to the Big Bang?

If you are puzzled about the origin of the eukaryotic cells, the cells that make plants, fungi, and animals including us; if, like many others, you are dissatisfied with the current theories on the making of species; if you are curious about the provenance of viruses and bacteria; if the future of mankind and the universe is of interest to you; and last but not least, if you want to find the answer to the most fundamental question of all.

Ways of Nature is the book you need to read.

Meet the Author

In Ways of Nature, Dr. Décossard explores the paths taken by life since its apparition and shines a bright spotlight on its destiny and the fate of the universe.

In so doing, he also identifies the connections between the living and the nonliving and opens our eyes to novel ideas about physical phenomena whose conventional descriptions we thought were settled.

Ways of Nature is undoubtedly a landmark publication. It is indeed a paradigm shift à la Kuhn in our understanding of life and its evolution.

Pany Décossard, MD, MPH, FACP